The Brightleaf Series greenhouse is our budget priced model and is especially popular with newcomers to the world of greenhousing. We offer 6 standard Brightleaf 8 ft wide greenhouse models. Can be expanded in 4′ increments. The Dutch Design (slanted walls) is more resistant to wind damage, and allows 26% more sunlight to penetrate due to less light being reflected. We give you three choices in covering material: Yes, three greenhouse coverings all on the same framework. Starting with Poly (heavy duty plastic) Fiberglass or Polycarbonate. Who else on the hobby greenhouse market does that?

Every Turner model comes with standard ends and has one manual source of ventilation: a 30″ x 30″ manually-operated vent in the back end wall.

The Brightleaf series greenhouse kit provides ample room inside for various work benches, a 32″ walkway and plenty of room overhead for hanging baskets.

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